This is certainly my MOST anticipated movie of 2012, not Prometheus, not the Avengers, nor Wrath of the Titans.  Christopher Nolan is simply a genius, turning tables, converting the terrible fantasy Batman franchises into solid God.  I'm not saying the Batman movies by Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer and George Clooney were all bad, but movies based on fantasy cities were just not relevant to what we do, see, feel and touch in the everyday life.  

Batman Begins (2005) and the Dark Knight (2008) were outstandingly exceptional and were geniusly incorporating realistic city lanscapes, realistic advanced technological gadgets, with very convincing story lines, plots and scenes.  Needless to say, actors were all best choices of the time you can find from the US or Britain.  Christian Bale looks serious enough which fits nicely with Bruce Wayne's characters, quite naturally.  I like Alfred which is played by Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman's Lucius Fox, both increditable actors.  The third instalment of Nolan's Batman will simply be a production of perfection.  Watching it 2D or 3D (regardless) will be an experience of life time.

Now I check the release date for the firm in the UK, VUE at Leicester Square sets to play it on 20 July 2012.  That's another 5 weeks of excruciating wait.

Now, I wonder if there are be hints hidden after the movie credits (just like how Marvels planned the sequals at the end of Ed Norton's the Hulk or Robert Downing Jr's Iron Man, for the build up of the successful "the Avengers").  DC Comics are starting to work the Justice League in view of the success that the Avengers brought in.  It will be cool to see if Superman, Spider Man or Green Lantern drops in and say hello, isn't it?  

IMDb on Dark Kinght Rises:




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