This movie is better be smashing or funnier.  I don't expect to feel disappointed after I come out of the movie theatre in August.  A lot of explosions and weapons and fighting scenes <- I hope to give it a 10 out of 10!!

Even if it is not intended to be a "funny" movie, I would anticipate myself burst out laughing with humorous dialogues between the characters.  The teaser already gave out humorous fighting scenes, for example, a scene where Sly and Statham are out-gunned by 10 strong soldiers and Sly kills everyone by a secret and hidden gun in his palm! (That's what I call "funny & humorous".)

I grow up watching Sly, Chuck Norris, Arnold, JCVD, Bruce Willis, Jet Li, and Lundgren.  Hell..., I'm still watching movies performed by these dudes today if the replays are shown on TV.  I simply cannot imagine a day where all these people would be put into a film together.  This explains why I giggle quietly everytime when I see the "the Expendables 2" teaser on Youtube, TV or in a movie theatre (in preview).

I don't anticipate a very sophisticated storyline, character development or larger-than-life messages (like Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Rises).  I hope it is a fun blockbuster movie (no brainer) which I can enjoy, have a laugh and remind myself of my younger days (when I learnt to admire all these action heros).

JCVD fights Sly, honestly, I don't think I'm gonna enjoy two mid 60's old men fighting each other.  Maybe, I would get really excited if they fought in their true PRIME days (like 20 years ago).  It would have been an instant hit!

All these big name actors always play nice guys in the movie and seldom play villains in the silver screens.  I will give JCVD credits for playing the villain in this movie.  I hope he delivers it right.  JCVD hasn't made any good films for a while but he did really coold beer adverts (which are really funny).

Jet Li - China

Bruce Willis - born in West Germany

JCVD - Belgium 

Lundgren - Sweden

Chuck Norris - USA (gosh, he is 72 now, born 1940!)

Sly - USA with father born in Italy

Statham - England

Arnold - Austria

Hemsworth - Australia (Aussie)

Couture & Crews - USA

This list of actors covers most of the Westen Europe, smashing!!

Let's hope it is good!



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